EPDM rubber roofing or felt?

Whether you’re replacing an existing flat roof or fitting a new one, choosing the right materials for the job is key. There are many options to consider, including cost, longevity, suitability and damage resistance. A useful article providing inspiration for your own project can be found here.

Two popular choices for roofing projects are felt and EPDM. We’ve put together a guide below to help you learn more about the product and its benefits for your home.

What is EPDM?

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, or EPDM, is an economical and durable roofing alternative to felt. The rubber roofing membrane is a maintenance free synthetic solution to the common problems faced when looking after a flat roof. Made from ethylene and propylene, it’s flexibility and ease of use makes it perfect for any size property. It’s simple, smooth and unobtrusive finish will blend seamlessly into your home. The material is favoured by architects and contractors alike on renovations and new-build projects.

Will it last?

EPDM is designed to provide excellent protection, including superior UV resistance. As UV is a common cause of deterioration in felt flat roofs, EPDM will last longer and withstand challenging weather conditions and extremes of temperature. EPDM will not attract the growth of moss and contains no organic materials, common causes of moisture and decay. Repairs can be carried out easily with simple equipment. This longevity makes it an economically and environmentally sound solution for your home.

What’s wrong with felt?

Felt is a perfectly adequate material for flat roofs. However, as innovations in roofing materials have taken place, more viable alternatives, such as EPDM, have been created. Typical problems with felt roofs include deterioration due to excessive foot fall, UV exposure, falling debris and longevity. In addition, the material is difficult to recycle and requires regular maintenance by skilled professionals, which can cause additional expense.

How reliable is EPDM?

With its popularity growing in the UK market, EPDM roofing has been widely used for many years in the USA and Canada, with over one billion square metres of the product installed across the world. Evidence in both the laboratory and real-life settings supports the long-lasting properties of the product. Fitted by a reputable contractor like Giant Roofing, your EPDM roof will provide up to 50 years of protection with a 25 year insurance backed roofing guarantee.

Can you install EPDM?

Our expert roofing specialists can fit EPDM in your home and offer an unrivalled personal service. Choosing EPDM for your flat roof is a cost efficient and environmentally sound decision, and combined with expert fitting from Giant Roofing, you’ll have a low-maintenance roof in no time. Get in touch today for a quote,

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