Metal Roofing Prices

Metal Roofing Prices; An Alternative for Every Budget

Worlds apart from the clunky corrugated tin of times past, modern metal roofing using metals such as zinccopper, and aluminium provides a long-term waterproof roofing solution. Metal roofing can be supplied in a wide range of looks and finishes, from domestic housing through to commercial property needs. But how much will metal roofing cost you? Just how much does it cost to put a metal roof on a house? Here we look at metal roofing prices and metal roofing solutions for all budgets to save you the time and research.

The Value of a Metal Roof

As more emphasis is put on efficiency and saving energy in your home, more homeowners are starting to choose metal roofs over other roofing materials and making substantial savings in the process. It’s worth realising that a metal roof can save you up to 40% on your energy bill, which is a huge saving for both your pocket (and the environment!). In many cases, a metal roof can be installed over your existing asphalt roof which saves disruption, labour costs and skip/tipping fees. In addition, a metal roof will last two to three times longer than typical roofs such as asphalt, and needs less maintenance. Metal roof prices may be slightly more in the long run, but the longevity and the minimal maintenance of your metal roof will see you through, and save you money over the roof’s lifespan.

 Different Types of Metal Roofing Prices

  • Aluminium Roofing can easily be recycled and is one of the most malleable metals to use for roofing. It can easily be shaped and curved to accommodate many different designs and styles which gives it flexibility and versality. Alu minium is naturally highly reflective which makes it one of the most energy-efficient materials and so it will tick all the boxes for your eco-conscious new roofing project. Aluminium can price in at around £40-75 per square metre (plus installation, labour and fixings).
  • Zinc Roofing Zinc is a naturally occurring metal that can “heal” itself. As it weathers, zinc forms a coating which protects the metal and reseals if it incurs scratches or damage such as dings. Zinc roofing is completely maintenance-free and protects the basic fabric of buildings while still looking attractive. The long life of zinc roofing makes it cost effective when considering the cost of zinc roofing over its whole lifetime, but in fact zinc roofing can also be cheaper to start with and is competitive at the moment when compared to alternative metals such as copper and lead. Zinc roofing can cost around £15-£20 per square metre (plus installation, labour and fixings).
  • Tin Roofing Tin is a very affordable roofing material which is naturally resistant to corrosion and is easily shaped into various profiles. Metal/galvanised tin corrugated roof sheeting is the cheapest way of installing a metal roof – this kind of tin roof is growing in popularity thanks to its relative low cost and rugged appearance. The rise of the ‘rustic’ look has seen many new builds and extensions using galvanised tin roofing as it’s probably the cheapest way of having a tin roof. It is vitally important to remember that any tin roof installation must also include adequate insulation materials. The sound of rain and wind across a large expanse of metal can be significant, and appropriate insulation is an absolute must.
  • Copper Roofing Copper is a very long-lasting metal and when properly designed and installed, a copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution with a potential life span of 100 years. Testament to this is the fact that the Statue of Liberty is clad in copper and has been standing in New York Harbour since 1886! The greenish patina that copper develops actually helps preserve it from corrosion and offers protection from the elements. In the world of metal roofing pricing, copper is the luxury option at £85-110 per square metre (plus installation, labour and fixings).

How to Estimate Your Metal Roof Cost

Metal roofing prices can be a bit of a minefield and calculating the cost of a metal roof isn’t as simple as just knowing the square footage of the roof. Metal roofing prices can fluctuate wildly, depending on metal market prices. When considering the cost of a metal roof, one must also consider the complexity of the roof installation and the craftsmanship of the team carrying out the work. Shipping can vary depending on distance and material, and the percentage of waste will generally be between 5% and 20%.

You can approximately calculate your metal roof cost by using the following formula:

Cost of Metal + Waste + Shipping + Labour & Installation = Total Cost

A metal roof is by no means a cheap roofing option, but remember that you’re paying for its longer life and limited need for regular maintenance. Depending on the style, size of roof and metal that you choose, we estimate that you’ll need to pay out between £1,000 to £4,000 for metal roofing materials, plus the labour costs for installation.

Whichever option you choose, fitting metal roofing is a job for a specialist contractor such as Giant Roofing. It’s vital that you get it fitted by a professional so that elements such as air tightness liners and membranes, lapping joints and flashings produce an efficient, easy-to-maintain weatherproof covering.

From basic roof repairs to full roof replacement and installing new roofs, all jobs are undertaken and no job is too small or large for our team of expert roofing specialists. If you’d like a quote on a metal roof, or would like to speak to one of the team about your roofing options then please do get in touch as we’d love to help you with a free roofing quote today. We are looking forward to speaking with you!

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